Nicki Minaj on the message in ‘Anaconda’

"My favorite Victoria/Allison scene is in Season 2 when I/Victoria go to her room after Derek bit me and she’s picking out clothes with Lydia. There was SO much going on in that scene that was never said and I think it shows. As a mom, I’ve had moments where I watch my children (i have 3) engaged in something and just appreciate who they are as they are. As much as I want to insert myself in the moment I’m enjoying, I know that if I do, it will alter the moment and then I can no longer savor it for what it is. It’s a weird dichotomy that is both poignant and mildly painful. Perhaps that idea is only fully understood when one becomes a parent. I certainly never felt it before then." - Eaddy Mays

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@zaynmalik: I have relatives I know nothing of #imposters ! Ha

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